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Acera Surgical, Inc. is a great example of a small company making a huge impact. Acera has multiple clearances in for products in soft-tissue repair, and here is one great example: Restrata®, indicated for management of wounds (including surgical wounds, chronic wounds, and burns), is a non-biologic, nanofiber matrix engineered to be similar to human ECM. Composed of non-woven, resorbable fibers, Restrata’s unique properties enable it to resist enzymatic degradation and persist in the wound bed, providing a porous scaffold for cellular infiltration and vascularization before completely degrading via hydrolysis, leaving nothing but native tissue.

Check out what this amazing product can do in just 8 short weeks! This is a case study of a Basal Cell Excision where just one application of Restrata shows dramatic results in only 8 Weeks.

Case Study Detail

  • Elderly, diabetic patient with previous amputation and scalp excisions in long term care facility
  • Pathology confirmed basal cell carcinoma
  • Initial surgical wound measured 8 cm in diameter
  • Restrata was soaked for approximately 5 minutes in normal saline and fenestrated
  • Restrata was sutured in place with long tails left on suture to secure bolster dressing
  • Bolster included cotton balls soaked in bacitracin and wrapped in xeroform
  • One surgical application of Restrata over 8 weeks to complete wound healing

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